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This is your ND2NO business.  

You will have your own business name, webpage, social media accounts, your own logo, your own marketing strategy, your own shopping cart, your own merchant services, your own sales team, your own destiny. 

HOW DOES THIS WORK?  You determine your sphere of influence , the geography, the demographic or the area of interest you might have.  Then determine for yourself if a 'specific' directory would make sense.  If you believe it will and you can put together the strategy to market the VERTICAL we will brainstorm with you and help determine the possibilities, and assess if there is already ND2NO presence in the area of interest.  If all is a green light we will begin.

WE'VE AGREED, STEP ONE?  You settle on your vertical.  This is the hardest part of the process.  Once you understand the versatility of the technology your mind will begin to race with opportunities.  This is why at ND2NO we insist you choose.  One cannot do anything well without focus and being strictly focused on your vertical will help insure your success in your company. If once you have achieved the benchmarks of what ND2NO has placed on licensee as a successful vertical campaign you will be given a first come, first serve, opportunity that is only available to our current licensees.  Verticals can be cities, towns, industries, categories, non profits, and member based.  Click here to see an example of verticals you can choose from.  If you don't see an area you would like to build your business around, we are happy to discuss anything we haven't already thought of for our technology.

STEP TWO?   Paperwork.  We first get a NDA & NON COMPETE signed by the potential licensee.  Then we forward your licensing agreement to you for review and then online signatures.  We then collect the initial licensee fee, or complete the in house ND2NO 12 month financing agreement.  Upon completion we will send you a questionnaire and a task list to begin your new company's launch.

STEP THREE?    You will need to secure your social medias pages that 

STEP FOUR?   We will walk you through this process and you will have access to our coaches online M-F 10-3 CST time to discuss any issues you might have.  You will also have access to our private licensee portal with most FAQ'S and answers that our other licensees have had.  To begin the process of building your portal that houses your directory of dashboards we will need the following.

*  Your business name

*  Your domain name

*  Your social media URL's

*  Your logo

*  Your color scheme 

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