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ND2NO has been quietly revamping our whole platform.  One of the biggest questions that our past customers have is "how do I use this tool?"  Well over the last year we have created a robust marketing platform that is integrated into each dashboard by default.  Our first step is to get your dashboard up and functioning, then if necessary get your graphic upgraded and get you inserted into a city directory of your choice, if one is available.
Take a look at our 'ONLY FOR PAST ND2NO'ers' offer and see if you would like to be integrated into our platform, get your fresh new dashboard, and reclaim your digital business card!  And yes, technology has finally caught up with our affiliate revenue sharing icon.  So, there is always the 'GET A CARD' icon we can add to your dashboard that will create revenue for you just by sharing!  We can't wait to show you around!
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